The Groningen Camp Magazine Website

During October 1914, over 1500 troops from the First Royal Naval Brigade were interned in
Groningen, Holland, for the duration of World War I.

During the internment, a Camp Magazine was produced, detailing the activities of those interned and
I inherited a collection of these from my Grandfather, who was one of the marines interned in the camp.  
I have also added to this collection by the occasional purchase on ebay as they have become available at a reasonable price.
I understand that there is a complete set of these magazines in the Imperial War Museum (see links).
Initially, this site will be devoted to scans of the editions of the magazine in my possession.
Any inactive links unfortunately I have no magazines available.

Please click on the links below for scans of individual magazines.  
At present, these links may not be working as the site is still under construction.

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Issue 6
(New 19/11/18!)
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(New 20/11/18!)
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(New 27/11/18!)
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